Episode 98

Exploring Resentment and Anger

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In this episode, Brandon Burns brings Jason Friesema and Clinton Nicholson to the show to speak on resentment and anger. Our team explores the difference between emotions and feelings, resentment and anger, and provides clinical insights throughout every step.

Talking Points

  1. Defining emotions and feelings
  2. Defining resentment and anger
  3. Maladaptive behavior
  4. Understanding resentment
  5. Importance of hard situations
  6. Final thoughts


“In the end, all of the power you need to become an emotionally healthy person is inside you. You possess everything you need in order to be successful on this journey. Knowing that, if you can establish that as a foundational truth, then every time an individual looks outside themselves for an answer or outside themselves as an excuse for why they are responding the way they are, you can bring it back to that accountability.”
– Clinton Nicholson, Chief Operations Officer

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