Episode 99

Pathway to Permanent Freedom

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In this episode, Jason Friesema brings back Madelyn Padilla and Chris Burns to share in reflection and conversation surrounding Conscious Recovery and how the partnership between them and Peaks Recovery Centers will shape the future of Peaks.

Talking Points

  1. Personal reflection on Conscious Recovery
  2. Addiction itself is not the problem
  3. Our environment at Peaks
  4. Toxic shame
  5. Spiritual connection
  6. Pathway to permanent freedom


“The environment, instead of treatment.. applying an external force to push you in a different direction or change you, that’s old. That is so old. But an environment for healing, where we’re just going to let you settle, and you actually have what you need already inside of you, that’s hopeful, that’s really hopeful for people.”
– Madelyn Padilla, Admissions Specialist

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