Episode 97

Exploring Sober Living and Industry Evolution

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings on two professionals in the industry; Bryce Givens, founder of Elevate Recovery Homes, and Kyle Vandongen, founder of Sopherson Sober Living. Together they share their “why”, purpose, passion, and mission in their recovery journey and what brought them to this point. Kyle shares personal experiences from his time at Peaks Recovery Centers and how they shape him today.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Kyle and Bryce
  2. Addressing the “why”
  3. Kyle’s experience at Peaks
  4. Sober living structure
  5. Evolving in the industry
  6. Tensions in the industry
  7. Final thoughts


“My “why” is really to A, be of service but to help people find and maximize their potential and self-actualize. That’s what it is, to help people reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves; that’s what I’m here to do. ”
– Bryce Givens – Founder: Elevate Recovery Homes

Episode Transcripts