Tips to Avoid Alcohol Dependency

Many people out there are or have suffered from alcohol addiction so you’re not alone if you or someone you know is going through this now. Before it gets to this point you can consider curbing the drinking today to set yourself up for a brighter future. 

There are some tips to avoid alcohol dependency that you can put into play right away. This way you can give yourself a real and fighting chance to not have it get out of control and to remain in control of your habits and life.

Say No to Friends/Peers

You can’t be afraid to say no to friends and peers who are out drinking or who offer you drinks when you’re trying to limit yourself. Speak up and stand up for yourself and politely decline drinks or go out to bars and other places where there may be excessive drinking going on. The more you start to say no the easier it’ll get for you.

Have Limited Alcohol in the House

Another tip and way to avoid alcohol dependency are to limit how much alcohol is in the house. If it’s not there to drink then you’ll be less likely to consume it or overdo it. Instead, keep just what you need if you want to enjoy a drink now and again. If it’s not even available then you’ll be forced to do other things or spend your time a different way. 

Be Conscious of Limits

Get to know and learn your limits if you do choose to drink occasionally. Low-risk drinking is having roughly seven drinks per week for women and 14 drinks per week for men. Regardless, it’s best to keep your (BAC) below 0.08 g/dL if you’re aiming to curb your drinking and remain in control. 

Avoid Drinking When Emotionally Heightened or Down

It’s best to avoid drinking alcohol if you’re feeling emotionally charged or significantly down and sad. The reason is that you may get going and not stop or say and do things you regret later. Find other ways to cope with your stress and anxiety, such as reading a book or going for a walk if you have strong emotions one way or the other. A good rule of thumb is to never drown your feelings in alcoholic drinks. 

Find Other Coping Activities

It’s also essential to keep busy and have other stuff and activities to do and fill your days with. Find other coping solutions such as having coffee with a friend or going to the gym to work out. There are many great alternatives to drinking that you may find fun and entertaining if you’re willing to explore different ideas. Also, try to stick to a healthy lifestyle as part of your routine, which will also help you not constantly think about drinking or participate in drinking activities. 

Seek Therapy

Consider getting help or seeking therapy for your drinking if you feel you need it. It’s always okay to reach out and admit that you can’t do it on your own. Avoid alcohol dependence altogether by finding addiction treatment programs suited for you. Be glad to know that here at Peaks Recovery we have many options and resources to assist you in your journey to recovery. 

Keep A Journal of Your Drinking 

Track your drinking for three to four weeks and be honest with yourself about how much you are drinking for starters. Be specific as in what you had to drink as well as where you were and what you were doing when drinking. Try to stick to your goal and if you’re having trouble following through then speak to your doctor or a counselor or trained therapist. 

Drink Slowly 

Avoid alcohol dependency by choosing to never drink on an empty stomach. Eat a solid meal or food and then take your time and drink your beverage slowly. Not only sip your drink but then also have a non-alcoholic drink in between. 

Have Alcohol-Free Days

If you want to avoid alcohol dependency then you should also plan to have alcohol-free days during the week or on the weekends. Work them in so that you aren’t drinking every day or night. Start drinking less by taking a day or two off as you see fit. You might also want to take a full week or month off and see how it goes to reset too. You may notice that you don’t miss the drinking and feel great and that you choose to spend your time doing something else.

Set Goals & Be Committed to Succeeding

It’s hard to accomplish anything without a solid plan or goals in place, especially when it comes to cutting back your drinking. Therefore, set specific goals for yourself and then be committed to succeeding no matter what life throws at you. Choose to be persistent and never give up trying so that you don’t let setbacks get in your way. Guard against temptation by not going to places or being with people that make you feel like you want to or have to drink. 

What You Can Do to Help

If you know or see someone you love dealing with addiction or trying to follow through with these tips with no success then be glad to know that here at Peaks Recovery we can help. We offer a variety of addiction and mental health programs that can get you or a loved one on the road to recovery fast. Reach out to Peaks Recovery today for more information or to have your questions answered. 

Reach out to Peaks Recovery Today

These are some practical and useful tips that will help you avoid alcohol dependency and stay on track. However, if at any time you or a loved one is trying to avoid alcohol or cut back without any luck then you should consider seeking professional help with Peaks Recovery. We understand this addiction fully and have the resources, staff, and programs to address what’s going on and can get you or your loved one to a better place. 

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