Episode 76

Behind the Care: Bettering Behavioral Health Treatment

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In this Behind the Care episode, we have a unique guest, Jonathan De Carlo, the CEO of C4 Consulting, who discusses specific challenges behavioral health companies face. We dive into how C4 dedicates its practice to growing and sustaining organizations that work in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment to provide quality care to the people providers serve.

Talking Points

  1. What does C4 Consulting do?
  2. What Jonathan sees changing within the behavioral health industry
  3. What is missing in the behavioral health industry?
  4. Finding the right resource for you or your loved one
  5. Walls treatment centers hit with insurance companies
  6. The challenges that come with being OON (out-of-network)
  7. Community and family
  8. Being active and aware of your local government
  9. Staffing priorities


”There is alot of room for growth in providing quality information and educating consumers and the public on how to find the right treatment resources. Teaching consumers, people making investments in their own well-being, or their family members well being, and providers being able to share the right information with transparency and authenticity, not just marketing, not just saying we do all things, but really being able to say here’s what we do well and here’s how we are a good fit. So I think the education of access to care, there certainly needs to be grown.”
– Jonathan De Carlo, the CEO of C4 Consulting

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