Episode 75

GGRIT – Choose To Rise

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In this episode, we have an extraordinary guest, Meghan Buchanan, an aerospace engineer, adventure athlete, and motivational speaker who vulnerably shares how she has overcome the challenges of being diagnosed with dyslexia. This inspiring conversation helped us remember that life is about the journey, not the destination and that we have the choice every day to dig in, grit it out, and get better at dealing with any challenge. Meghan hopes to inspire and teach others to apply GGRIT to reach their full potential.

Talking Points

  1. Meghan’s story and dealing with dyslexia
  2. Overcoming the shame
  3. The breakdown of GGRIT
  4. The importance of recovery and reflection
  5. What’s next?
  6. How do you find purpose and meaning?


”GGRIT is gratitude, growth, resilience, integrity and tenacity. I have found that those 5 things got me through dyslexia, got me through engineering, got me through being a female in engineering, got me through injuries, got me up a mountain. And I truly believe when I talk to people now is using those 5 components, those tools of GGRIT, they can get through any challenge in their life. ”
– Meghan Buchanan

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Meghan Buchanan’s Website – GGRIT

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