Episode 74

Proposition 122: Natural Medicine Health Act

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In this episode, Coalition Director for Natural Medicine Colorado, Kevin Matthews, provides us with education about the Natural Medicine Health Act (Proposition 122) on Colorado’s November 2022 State Ballot. We dive into all the essential questions circling its design to create regulated access to natural psychedelic medicines for veterans struggling with PTSD, people facing a terminal illness, and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges in a way that maximizes safety. You can learn more about the Natural Medicine Health Act and the backed-research behind natural psychedelic medicines at https://naturalmedicinecolorado.org/.

Talking Points

  1. What is the Natural Medicine Health Act?
  2. Why is there a push for this change in legislation with natural medicines?
  3. Breaking down addiction and the lack of resources and time
  4. Who is this act for?
  5. The regulatory process
  6. Peaks Recovery’s stats on clients
  7. What is the connection of natural medicines to Indigenous cultures?


”The Natural Medicine Health Act creates a state regulated system so that adults over 21 years old would be able to access natural medicine services here in this state. These natural medicines would include DMT, Ibogaine, Mescaline, not including peyote, Psilocybin and Psilocin. Individuals would then be able to access those services at licensed healing centers, or approved health care locations. They would recieve those services from trained and licensed facilitators from the state. It’s very much a therapeutic model and a closed loop system where there are no recreational or retail sales.”
– Kevin Matthews – Coalition Director for Natural Medicine Colorado

Natural Medicine Health Act

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