Episode 100

Revisiting Our Top Moments Pt. 2

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Our team celebrates Finding Peak’s 100th episode, part 2! In this special second installation of our 100th episode, Brandon, Lauren, and Clinton continue to revisit past moments in Finding Peaks. Our team goes over the word Addiction and how that verbiage can create issues, plant-based medication, its efficacy in its infancy stage, and so much more!

Talking Points

  1. Revisiting the word Addiction
  2. Clinton on the word addiction
  3. Dr. Kevin McCauley on addiction
  4. Kevin Franciotti on treatment
  5. Dr. Bienfeild on wellness
  6. Dr. Lerman on plant-based medication
  7. Final thoughts part 2


“That’s where we start is we say, why are you doing this, what’s the benefit of using these substances? ‘Well, I want to gain more confidence.’ Cool, let’s start over here, then. What does gaining more confidence look like for you? What can you do independently, outside of the substance use, that gives you more confidence? Maybe it’s working out, maybe it’s doing these things but replicating the same effect those substances have but outside of the substance use.”
– Lauren Atencio, Clinical Director

Episode Transcripts