Episode 96

The Key to Leadership Success

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In this episode, Brandon Burns brings Jason Friesema on the show to speak with Maeve O’Neill on Dare to Lead and how crucial proper leadership can be in a professional work setting. Maeve shares insight into leadership’s most important aspects and how to properly introduce them into the work environment, While Brandon and Jason explain how these tenants have been implemented within Peaks Recovery Centers.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Maeve
  2. The power of leadership
  3. Vulnerability in leadership
  4. Vulnerability in the workforce
  5. Daring leadership
  6. “Less than perfect” attitude


“Culture within an organization is not a coincidence, it takes intentionality, work, vulnerability, openness, honesty, and being a mess, messy, but committed and diligent leadership, and leaders.”
– Jason Friesema, Chief Clinical Officer

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