Episode 95

Conscious Recovery with TJ Woodward

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In this episode, Jason Friesema brings on Brandon Burns, Clinton Nicholson, and special guest TJ Woodward, author of Conscious Recovery. Our team breaks down the premise of conscious recovery with TJ while shining light on the effectiveness of these practices. To learn more, check out consciousrecovery.com

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to TJ
  2. Conscious Recovery
  3. Holding space
  4. Looking at trauma and shame
  5. Our team’s experience with Conscious Recovery
  6. Where to find TJ and Conscious Recovery


“The way we work with trauma and the way Conscious Recovery approaches it is what is showing up for you right now, what’s present within you, where is this within your body, can we be present with it? Because with addiction, we’re trying to run from it, and many of us have spent decades, some of us, running from the traumatic experience through addiction, and if we can get a client to be present for 30 seconds and realize, ‘oh wow, I can do that’ that’s where we can actually start to heal the trauma without saying, what happened to you when you were seven.”
– TJ Woodward: Conscious Recovery

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