Types of Family Therapy: Transgenerational

Therapy can be an essential tool when it comes to recovering from a range of struggles, especially when it comes to repairing your relationships, not only will yourself but also with those around you. 

Family therapy services cater to this kind of development, though there are many different forms you may want to consider, such as transgenerational therapy. 

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of counseling or therapy designed to help different members of a family unit understand each other and their behavior and find a way to move forward after experiencing difficult times. Carried out by a licensed practitioner, family therapy services can be incredibly healing and influential. 

What is Transgenerational Family Therapy?

Transgenerational family therapy is a form of evidence-based therapy that focuses on the generational influences that may trigger certain behaviors or actions. For example, these sessions could help assess how one parent’s management (or mismanagement) of anxious thoughts and feelings could cause their children to behave similarly. In some cases, transgenerational therapy can touch upon how childhood trauma can impact us in adulthood

Transgenerational therapy is not about attributing blame to others but instead as a way to better understand our behaviors and the way they impact those around us. From this knowledge, we are able to repair relationships and develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

Some of the main techniques used in transgenerational therapy include: 

Behavioral Analysis. Therapists may ask participants how they would respond to a specific scenario or complication to see how generational influence has impacted the way in which participants respond. This enables them to identify signs of dysfunction. 

Reframing. As mentioned above, transgenerational therapy is centered around getting to the roots of our behaviors – but is not a blame game. As a result, during these sessions, you will learn to reframe your thoughts away from placing blame on others.

What are the benefits of Transgenerational Therapy?

There are many different benefits associated with transgenerational therapy. For example, this specific form of family therapy can help you recognize negative behavior patterns while also repairing your relationships with those you love the most. This will allow every member of the family to develop healthier coping mechanisms. 

Their varied benefits mean that this therapy can also be used in conjunction with other forms of specialist help. For example, many individuals suffering from addiction find transgenerational therapy to be particularly helpful and illuminating. 

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