Episode 92

Debriefing the 2023 Winter Symposium

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In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Lauren Atencio and Samantha Archuleta back to revisit their experiences at the 2023 Winter Symposium and share insights into how the information can help disrupt our industry and pave the way for brighter client outcomes. Through sharing experiences and takeaways from speeches to debating how to best integrate the information into the industry, our team brings an educational conversation to the show.

Talking Points

  1. Speaking on plant-based medicine
  2. Looking into harm reduction
  3. Models of care
  4. Misdiagnosis
  5. Misunderstanding codependency
  6. The fentanyl crisis


“There are more relapses with cancer, diabetes, all of these different things; those diseases are constantly relapsing, so why do we vilify addiction relapse so much? Why do we vilify mental health relapse so much? When this is an actual mental health disorder, when it’s an actual physical disease, we’re actually discounting the idea of relapse when, no, that’s part of the process. So tell me how you need to be able to approach your recovery to feel like you have some autonomy, and you can take it on your own. ”
– Lauren Atencio

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