Episode 93

Peaks’ First Recovery Story

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings on the first-ever graduate of Peaks Recovery Centers, Nik Darrah, who is in his 8th year of long-term recovery and still working in the industry. Chris and Nik reminisce on their meeting, what led Nik to Peaks, and how his treatment stay at Peaks set him up for a future of success. Nik shares vulnerable moments that shaped him into who he is today and brings the audience into his recovery journey.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Nik
  2. Nik’s experience at Peaks
  3. The importance of community
  4. Seeing yourself in other’s recovery stories
  5. Coping with substances
  6. Meeting people where they’re at
  7. Defining your identity
  8. Celebrating life


“We didn’t get sober for our lives to be boring. Why would we get sober? So it’s how do you build that stuff in your life that you like to do that makes it worth it. That makes all the hard work worth it.”
– Nik Darrah

Episode Transcripts