Episode 78

Forward Thinking Treatment Modalities

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On this forward-thinking episode, we have multiple special guests, Dana Lerman, MD & Scott Bienenfeld, MD, co-owners and founders of Skylight Psychedelics, Social Worker & Journalist Joe Schrank, as well as Clinician Kevin Franciotti, LAC. We highlight the evidence-based yet controversial treatment modalities of ketamine, psychedelics, and plant-based medicines and the potential these new modern interventions hold. The current mental health and addiction treatment landscape is not moving the dial on these saddening epidemics. Though, with conversations like these and widening our scope of new medicalized frameworks, we can begin to truly help more individuals lead intentional lives and expand our nation’s well-being.

Talking Points

  1. How did Skylight Psychadelics come to be?
  2. Joe Schrank’s take on expanding recovery services
  3. Autonomy and treatment
  4. Inner-healing Intelligence
  5. Input from Kevin as a counselor on the front lines
  6. Cultural acceptance
  7. Deep-rooted trauma and ketamine treatment
  8. It is not a panacea


”The definitional authority of recovery lies with the individual, people get to say what their recovery is. So when these things became more prevalent with the use of psychedelics or plant-based medicines, the backlash in the current paradigm is ‘that’s not recovery’. And my response is, maybe it’s not your recovery. But recovery is a positive change and improvements. There are alot of we can look at a life comprehensively and determine if somebody is doing better… So expanding the idea of what recovery is critical because we have been doing the same thing for decades, and it’s gotten nowhere. So why not try these medicines, especially if it is medicalized.”
-Joe Shrank – Social Worker & Journalist

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