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Episode 109

Episode 109: Sex Addiction: Myths and Truths

Jason Friesema sits with Zach LeFever to discuss process addictions, such as sex addiction, and the adverse relationships that can follow. Defining sex addiction, discussing process addictions, and addressing pornography, this conversation shines a light on essential topics often silenced. Listen in as our team opens the floor to this discussion, and reach out with comments or questions.

Episode 91

Episode 91: Connection and Belonging with Sebastian Junger and Steve Ilardi

In this very special episode, Brandon Burns welcomes back Dr. Stephen Ilardi, author of The Depression Cure and clinical researcher, to help welcome an exceptional guest, Sebastian Junger, investigative journalist as well as critically acclaimed author for works such as; Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, War, and Freedom among others. These three have riveting conversations about problematic factors in society causing social disconnect and alienation, societal observations of patterns with clinical depression, Sebastian’s incredible near-death experience, and the knowledge that came from such a traumatic experience, along with so much more! This episode holds a plethora of profoundly impactful information and enlightening conversation that will leave viewers with a deeper appreciation for connection, belonging, and life. To learn more bout Sebastian Junger, check out for his collection of books and documentaries.

Episode 84: Addressing Veterans, Pain, Mental Health, and Recovery

In this episode, Brandon and Clinton speak with two special guests, authors Dr. Kerry and Dr. Dustin Brockberg. Their book, “End Your Covert Mission: A Veterans Guide to Fighting Pain and Addiction,” stands as an honest and authentic Manuel for veterans and sheds light on a meaningful discussion surrounding veteran-related issues. Dustin Brockberg shares his experiences as a veteran and the nuances that impacted his adjustment back to civilian life. At the same time, Kerry Brockberg speaks on the psychological aspects met while creating this book. This impactful conversation takes the viewers on a run-through of the most impactful moments in the pages and the most effective steps to transitioning back into civilian life and coping with pain and mental health. To find the Brockberg’s information or to purchase their book, check out their website at

Episode 80: Managing Recovery with Dr. Kevin McCauley

On this very intellectual and inspiring episode, we have a special guest, Dr. Kevin McCauley, a Senior Fellow at The Meadows. He shares how he became interested in the treatment behind substance use disorders while serving as a naval flight surgeon and how it led him to film and direct the two films, “Memo to Self” and “Pleasures Unwoven.” This conversation provides valuable insight into how addiction can be perceived and the interesting concepts, models, and determinants of such complex disorders individuals struggle with.

Episode 75: GGRIT – Choose To Rise

In this episode, we have an extraordinary guest, Megan Buchanan, an aerospace engineer, adventure athlete, and motivational speaker who vulnerably shares how she has overcome the challenges of being diagnosed with dyslexia. This inspiring conversation helped us remember that life is about the journey, not the destination and that we have the choice every day to dig in, grit it out, and get better at dealing with any challenge. Meghan hopes to inspire and teach others to apply GGRIT to reach their full potential.

Episode 69 – The Importance of Work-Life Balance

What does your work-life balance look like for yourself? In this episode, we dive into a unique conversation about the importance of refining your work-life balance, or for better words, work and wellness balance. We touch on the barriers and opportunities behavioral health professionals experience while finding that balance in walking with those who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders.

Episode 62 – Finding Hope Through Fitness

This is such an exciting episode with two special guests, Nick Wells from Redemption Road Crossfit, and Dan Hugill who is now Peaks Recovery’s Activities Director. These two humble men tell their inspiring stories of overcoming addiction, the prison system, and difficult life challenges. They share how they both found purpose within the fitness and Crossfit world helping other struggling individuals change their lives for the better.

Episode 50

Episode 50: Finding Your True North

In this episode, we are joined by more of our lovely staff members, Pema White, MSE, CAS, LPC, one of our Primary Therapists, and Kimberly Holcomb, MA, our Family Specialist. We discuss how culture plays a role in our treatment process, as well as, some cultural norms and barriers that many people may face when looking for who they truly are, not who society says they should be.