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Episode 108

Episode 108: Catching Up with KK Fearless

In this episode, Chris Burns brings Jason Friesema to welcome back our returning special guest, KK Fearless! Brooke Perez, founder and President of KK Fearless, sits down with our team and her mom, Melinda Jackson, to speak on their experiences leading up to the creation of KK Fearless, share respect and memories for the ones they have lost, as well as advocating for Bothe the individuals in recovery and their families.

Episode 100

Episode 100: Revisiting Our Top Moments Pt. 1

Our team celebrates Finding Peak’s 100th episode! In celebration of this special episode, Brandon Burns brings on Chief Operations Officer Clinton Nicholson and Clinical Director Lauren Atencio to review and reflect on noteworthy moments over the past 100 episodes. From visiting trauma and touching on mental health approaches to the future of Peaks Recovery Centers and the industry, our team brings insightful and thoughtful commentary to continue pushing the industry in a positive direction.

Episode 92

Episode 92: Debriefing the 2023 Winter Symposium

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Lauren Atencio and Samantha Archuleta back to revisit their experiences at the 2023 Winter Symposium and share insights into how the information can help disrupt our industry and pave the way for brighter client outcomes. Through sharing experiences and takeaways from speeches to debating how to best integrate the information into the industry, our team brings an educational conversation to the show.