Episode 31

Meet Our Director of Outpatient Services

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Episode 31

Our special guest, Rachael Tapp, gives us insight into her professional growth within the addiction treatment industry.


  1. Rachael opens up about her beginning steps working within addiction treatment and finding her calling in helping others.
  2. How Rachael navigated working in addiction treatment though not experiencing addiction
  3. Jason, who was one of Rachael’s professional mentors, gives his viewpoint on her development.
  4. How do you hold space for someone, and why do you do it?

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Empathy is knowing our own darkness well enough to sit in the dark with another. And that is holding space, just sitting in the dark with another. You don’t need to bring solutions, just bring yourself, and just meet the other person where they are.
Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC Chief Clinical Officer

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