Episode 32

A Care-ismatic Recovery

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Episode 32

A special guest who is an alumni, and now a pivotal part of our admissions team, opens up about her inspiring recovery journey in order to give hope to others who struggle with addiction.


  1. Madelyn opens up about her beginning journey of recovery and now walking in the shoes of a professional
  2. What it’s like to not see the potential in yourself when others are telling you otherwise
  3. How no recovery is the same
  4. Sit First, Solve Later – Madelyn explains how she works with families in admissions
  5. Madelyn’s advice to families who are on the edge of seeking help

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It’s not always point A to point B. That is so important, and that is why I am so passionate about the admissions team. Because everybody that walks in the door their treatment is going to look different, it’s not going to be the same. And I love that we actually have the ability to honor that, that everybody gets an experience because their needs are different. It’s awesome to be able to say it, and it actually be delivered.
Madelyn Padilla, UN Admissions Specialist

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