Episode 49

Diving into Peaks Recovery’s Curriculum

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In this episode, we are joined by Morgan McKinley, BA, UN to discuss Peaks Recovery’s Curriculum and how it helps people overcome barriers to recovery.

Talking Points

  1. Reviewing how a shift in language is beneficial to reducing stigma and shame within the recovery community
  2. Considering barriers to recovery for both young and old adults
  3. The guests discuss their favorite parts of Peaks Recovery Centers and some of the reasons why they work to help people recover


“When we walk clients through the grief process, they are like, wait I have all these other grief letters I want to write, I want to keep this going because I am feeling all of this relief, and I have this new process to work through some of these losses that I’ve experienced.”
– Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC, Chief Clinical Officer

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