Episode 50

Finding Your True North

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In this episode, we are joined by more of our lovely staff members, Pema White, MSE, CAS, LPC, one of our Primary Therapists, and Kimberly Holcomb, MA, our Family Specialist. We discuss how culture plays a role in our treatment process, as well as, some cultural norms and barriers that many people may face when looking for who they truly are, not who society says they should be.

Talking Points

  1. An overview of what cultural norms and barriers mean, especially within the recovery community, but also for life in general
  2. Challenging authenticity of self to find your “true north”
  3. Establishing the importance of respecting one’s culture within treatment and care, specifically within Peaks Recovery Center’s community
  4. Realizing that everyone is imprinted with aspects of culture from the moment of birth, which means that many messages and ideas become internalized and likely not challenged until later in life


“A lot of times these messages, wherever they’re coming from, whether it’s from television, other media, our family, or anything, they begin so early on in life. They occur so frequently, that I think a lot of times, clients coming into Peaks may be unaware of these messages they may have internalized, and the ways those messages have caused them to rearrange parts of themselves away from being that authentic self.”
– Kimberly Holcomb, MA, Family Specialist

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