Episode 51

Grief and Loss Week at Peaks

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How do you grieve in a productive way? In this episode, we are joined by another engaging staff member, Lauren Atencio, MA, LAC, LPCC, one of our Primary Therapists. We discuss how Grief and Loss Week works at Peaks and the steps we go through to help clients work through their pain.

Talking Points

  1. Diving into the reasons why we help people through their grief and loss
  2. Reviewing how anger is typically an emotion that covers up pain and why you need to dig deeper to truly heal
  3. Establishing that providing safety, support, and space are essential components of the healing process
  4. Realizing that pain is inevitable in life and all we can do is work through it together


“With our curriculum, we definitely don’t just throw them into grief week right away. It’s a process, within individual therapy, within group therapy, we allow them to get to know themselves more and love themselves more. This is one of the most special times of our client’s lives. They’re loved, they’re seen, and they’re actually given the opportunity to love themselves.”
– Lauren Atencio, MA, LAC, LPCC, Primary Therapist  

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