Episode 34

Meet One of Our Admissions Specialists

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Episode 34

In this episode we get to know our brilliant admissions specialist, Tris Sampson, as she gives us insight into her professional growth within the addiction treatment industry.


  1. Getting to know Tris and where she started
  2. How her professional foundation has helped her transition into her important role as an admissions specialist in addiction recovery
  3. She opens her heart about her passion to help people and to simply be an ear.
  4. Tris talks about a difficult admission she walked through and how she helped the family realize that recovery is possible.

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You don’t know what it’s like working with a vulnerable population until you’re sitting in front of a vulnerable population. And then some world views of mine right away collapse, and I have a new perspective, and I realize I might have gotten it wrong at some point. And what vulnerable people really need is connective care, compassion, love empathy, they don’t need judgement, shame and pain because they already have enough of that going on.
Chris Burns – President & Founder

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