Episode 33

Behind The Care: Exploring Dual Diagnosis

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Episode 33

Our team dives into what Dual Diagnosis truly means and the deep understanding a treatment provider must envelop in order to truly help an individual overcome a mental health or substance use disorder.


  1. What is true Dual Diagnosis?
  2. When calling an addiction treatment center and asking about dual diagnosis, make sure to ask what their specific approach to treating the specific disorders
  3. What are we alleviating when treating an individual when treating dual diagnosis?
  4. Changing the stigma that substance use disorder and mental health disorders are different or should be treated separately, and how they are actually one and the same.
  5. What does a treatment center truly need to be equipped with in order to treat dual-diagnosis successfully?

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If somebody comes into our program and they have depression, an eating disorder, they misuse alcohol and use cannabis, frankly all those things are usually symptoms of the same underlying driving forces and require similar paths towards recovery for all of those. It isn’t that we have separate the eating disorder, separate out the depression, and separate out the addiction, we have to teach the skills and build resilience, and in long term recovery, deal with the etiology of these diagnoses.
Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC Chief Clinical Officer

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