Episode 63

Relationships Week at Peaks Recovery

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This episode is filled with great insight regarding why Peaks Recovery integrates learning about relationships within our intensive program curriculum. We believe building healthy relationships is vital to all of us as human beings, therefore we want to help individuals relearn how to form them and how to truly connect with others.

Talking Points

  1. Overview of Relationships
  2. Stabilization and Relationships
  3. Circles of Intimacy
  4. Laying the foundation to healthy relationships


“We all have a need to be in a relationship…and at our core, we all want to be fully known and fully accepted. We don’t want everyone to know us, that is living pretty boundaryless. But with relationships at the core we help clients break down how they look at their own relationships, both with people and things.”
– Jason Friesema, MA, LPC, LAC

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