Episode 12

Growths of Peaks Recovery

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Episode 12

Our Founder Chris Burns opens up about some of the personal journeys he has endeavored, alongside the growth of Peaks Recovery. 


  • Our founder talks about what Peaks Recovery looked like in the beginning and how it was more based on the 12 Steps
  • Walking side by side with clients throughout recovery by simply sitting down with them at a coffee date, giving them the opportunity to connect. 
  • Chris talks about his “Why” 

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My “Why” is, was, and will always be to walk with people in the early stages of recovery, to experience hope change, and growth, and that’s what I will continue to do. It’s not in front of people either, which is what I used to think it was. I used to think I had to be way out in front of the race, I had to be waving the checkered flag, and I just think for so much of my early recovery it was about being right rather than helpful. I am just really trying to be hopeful now and sit side by side with clients. Side by side with staff. Side by side with my family. Side by side with and in alignment with the world. I have found that is such a better path to navigate. 
Chris Burns – President & Founder

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