Episode 13

Supporting The Direction of Care

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Episode 13

Our team discusses why it is important for families and individuals to lean into what level of care the addiction treatment professionals are recommending, because a direction of care is an essential part of a successful recovery.


  1. The importance of the progression of addiction treatment and recovery
  2. The length of time someone is in recovery and within addiction treatment can truly make a difference
  3. How families can best support the direction of care

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The data is clear, 1 year of recovery time leads to a 50% reduction in relapse, but there still is a 50% potential of relapse in just one year. This leads to the direction of the 2-year outcome of 85% reduction in relapse rate. So the more time that goes on is informing us, but it also brings forward this opportunity of the direction of care and we’ve got to take it seriously.
Brandon Burns – CEO

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