Episode 14

Is Leaving Treatment Early The Right Decision?

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Episode 14

Our team gives insight into what the professionals and the families can do when their loved one’s want to leave treatment AMA (against medical advice), or early.


  1. Our team talks about what we do as a team if your loved one is expressing they want to leave treatment early or AMA (against medical advice).
  2. We explain how craving states can be directly tied to the feelings individuals feel when they want to leave AMA (against medical advice). 
  3. When to trust the professionals and when to trust your loved one when they want to leave the treatment program early; what yellow and reg flags to be aware of. 

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The data is clear, 1 year of recovery time leads to a 50% reduction in relapse, but there still is a 50% potential of relapse in just one year. This leads to the direction of the 2-year outcome of 85% reduction in relapse rate. So the more time that goes on is informing us, but it also brings forward this opportunity of the direction of care and we’ve got to take it seriously.
Brandon Burns – CEO

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