Episode 35

Meet Our Director of Admissions

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Episode 35

In this episode, we get to know our passionate admissions director, Erin Greney, as she gives us insight into her professional role within the addiction treatment industry.


  1. Erin opens up about why she enjoys working in admissions within the addiction treatment center and her passion behind working with people
  2. How she guides her admissions team and drives them to put compassion and empathy first
  3. Why Erin chooses to put people first vs. a ‘heads to beds’ mentality
  4. How Erin’s personal experience plays a role in her role as the admissions director
  5. Everyone on the episode shares a “Best Day” at Peaks Recovery memory

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The thing about people calling us, we know it is so scary, overwhelming, fearful, and an unknown experience, whether you have called and been to treatment before, or if this is the first time reaching out for help, it can be a really scary experience for alot of people and families. So whatever we can do to nurture that, and make you feel more comfortable, and support you through the process, we will do it because we truly understand the fear.
Erin Greney, Admissions Director

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