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Episode 108

Episode 108: Catching Up with KK Fearless

In this episode, Chris Burns brings Jason Friesema to welcome back our returning special guest, KK Fearless! Brooke Perez, founder and President of KK Fearless, sits down with our team and her mom, Melinda Jackson, to speak on their experiences leading up to the creation of KK Fearless, share respect and memories for the ones they have lost, as well as advocating for Bothe the individuals in recovery and their families.

Episode 106

Episode 106: Nowhere to Run with Montee Ball

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns onto the show to speak with our special guest, Montee Ball, former Denver Broncos running back and the University of Wisconsin, hall of fame player. Montee shares his experience playing football at a professional level as well as the dark side of fame that comes from success. Montee shares vulnerability with his struggles with addiction and provides moments in his life that he considers “the basement” of his rock bottom and what he did to make his way back. Montee is a beacon of hope for athletes in recovery and many recovery communities. Find Montee’s book, “Nowhere to Run,” on Amazon for more information.

Episode 93

Episode 93: Peaks’ First Recovery Story

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on the first-ever graduate of Peaks Recovery Centers, Nik Darrah, who is in his 8th year of long-term recovery and still working in the industry. Chris and Nik reminisce on their meeting, what led Nik to Peaks, and how his treatment stay at Peaks set him up for a future of success. Nik shares vulnerable moments that shaped him into who he is today and brings the audience into his recovery journey.

Episode 89

Episode 89: Witnessing Hope Come Alive

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on Case Manager Tyler Kea and Residential Assistant Mariano Rangel to speak about integration into the community during the early stages of treatment and the residential overview of a stay with Peaks. Mariano and Tyler share their personal recovery stories that shine as a beacon of hope for all going into recovery. Through sharing personal testimonies and experiences at Peaks, our team discusses how powerful personal care is and expresses the beauty of watching hope come alive in treatment.

Episode 82: An Autonomous Recovery Story

On this episode, we have a special guest, Kevin Franciotti, LAC, a Denver-based ketamine psychotherapist and a licensed addiction and mental health counselor with over 15 years of experience in community health, harm reduction, and direct service work. He bravely tells his recovery story and explains the power behind integrating the intentional use of psychedelics within recovery alongside ongoing psychotherapy.

Episode 77: A Powerful Recovery Story

We have a special guest in this episode, Rob Decker, the President of Rise with Lions. He opens up about his unique recovery journey, which led him to start a safe, sober, and fun environment to raise awareness about mental health, addiction, and suicide. We discuss wanting to change the conversation about the shame and stigma placed on mental health and addiction.

Episode 64 – An Authentic Recovery Story

On this episode we are joined by a very special guest, Silven Wolf, who has overcome addiction and created a fulfilled life through helping others find their genuine path to recovery within Peaks Recovery, as well as in the Colorado Springs community. He opens up about the successes and triumphs, but also about common trials every person can relate to.