Episode 21

A Remarkable Recovery Story

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Episode 21

A very special guest, and long-time employee of Peaks, bravely shares her inspiring recovery story in order to give hope to others who struggle with addiction.


Jason talks about his early clinician days, all while meeting Angela during those days, who was in her early days of recovery.

Angela talks a little about what her mindset was back before she started her recovery journey, and the hardships she walked through.

Angela talks about what her life looks like now as an admissions specialist, helping families through getting their loved one into treatment.

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What I have learned in my recovery is that the most important thing to me is leading with my heart. I want to help people, I want to care about people, I know what it is like to be at the bottom. What I remember from people who tried to help me was that care. For me I just wanted to be in any kind of avenue in the treatment industry.
Angela Lopez, Admissions Specialist

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