Episode 22

Types of Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment

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Episode 22

Our team dives into the range of modalities (types of therapy) that are used within addiction treatment in order to successfully promote healing, growth, and foundations.


Why it is important to use a range of modalities (types of therapies) within the beginning of treatment
The art of having a range of modalities as a clinician in order to truly better the needs of a client
What CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and what MI (motivational interviewing) is and where to properly insert those modalities
What our leader therapists favorite types of therapies are to use for individuals

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At the core of all of this is the relationship with our clients. I can have the best tools and know CBT, DBT, and all of that, but if I don’t have that connection with the client, none of that matters. That is the part that is hard to measure and you can’t really see it, it’s felt. That is the magic sauce that connects all of this

Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, LAC

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