Alcohol Abuse and Narcissism

Co-occurring disorders are when an individual simultaneously experiences a form of substance abuse and a mental health disorder. Alcohol abuse and narcissism is one of the most common combinations by far.

Whether seeking support for yourself or trying to get a loved one into rehab, an appreciation of the co-occurring disorders is vital. Here’s all you need to know about the similarities of alcohol abuse and narcissism, as well as how to find a suitable treatment plan.

What are Alcohol Abuse and Narcissism?

Alcohol abuse is the most common form of drug abuse in America, with over 14.5 million people aged 12 or above suffering from a diagnosed disorder. It is characterized as a problematic relationship with alcohol where the individual cannot control their drinking, even when they want to stop. 

In most cases, it will cause negative impacts on their physical and mental health while also harming relationships and bringing sadness to the lives of their loved ones,

Narcissism is a personality disorder and mental health condition. Approximately 1 in 200 people have it, although the rate of prevalence is higher among drinkers. It is characterized by showing a lack of empathy towards others and being very self-centered. 

The Similarities Between Alcohol Abuse an Narcissism

Individuals suffering with alcohol abuse share many character traits with narcissists, which is why the two conditions are co-occurring in many cases. Some examples include;

  • Neither narcissists or alcoholics can see how their actions affect their loved ones,
  • Alcoholics and narcissists can show destructive behaviors or lash out when confronted.
  • Both narcissists and alcoholics are dependent on their ‘drug’ of choice – alcohol or attention.
  • Both types of people are secretive and actively avoid shame.
  • Narcissists and alcohol abusers are often emotionally absent or inauthentic as they think about themselves or their substance.

Getting Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Narcissism

Both alcohol abuse and narcissism are disorders that require a personalized treatment plan that identifies the source of the problem as well as the necessary level of care. When the conditions are co-occurring, any treatment must take this into consideration too. Through a combination of detoxification and different therapies, it is possible to overcome the problem.

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