Episode 37

A Motivated Recovery

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Episode 37

A special guest who is an alumni, and now a pivotal part of our admissions team, opens up about his inspiring recovery journey in order to give hope to others who struggle with addiction.


  1. Jake opens up about his personal journey as well as the story behind his inspiring recovery.
  2. Listen first, solve later – Peaks’ admissions team motto, and how Jake applies it to helping others
  3. How Jake was able to shift his mindset in all aspects of his life that required rebuilding from the ground up.

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I just felt like a number at other treatment centers, like an assembly line of people who were just going through over and over. It is actually really sad to say; people are not getting the quality of care they deserve at these places. And then when you come to Peaks your treatment plan is individualized, it’s tailored to you and what your needs are. I came in with a backpack of trauma following me, legal troubles, the nonexistent relationships with my family, I had burned so many bridges. Then at Peaks, I was assigned to a great therapist, case management helped me with my court cases, and then I was in bad health so the medical team helped there. So I think having everything addressed as a whole, that is really what it took to turn the tide and get me out of the hole I was in.
Jake Neiber, CAT, Admissions Coordinator

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