Episode 38

Breaking Down Stages of Change

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Episode 38

Our team breaks down the Stages of Change and how this model can shed light on better understanding an individual’s willingness to accept addiction treatment help.


  1. 1st Stage of Change – Precontemplation
  2. 2nd Stage of Change – Contemplation
  3. 3rd Stage of Change – Preparation
  4. 4th Stage of Change – Action
  5. 5th Stage of Change – Maintenance

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Getting people to make changes is a process. What we are trained to do in our field is to make changes 1 degree at a time to get all the way to 180. It’s way too easy to say, ‘quit using drugs, start taking your medications, just change, stop it, 180 degrees right now’. But what the Stages of Change model is saying is that there is actually a process for getting people to make changes. Sometimes people can work through that process rather quickly, but sometimes it’s just about planting these little seeds of doubt to have them think, ‘well maybe this isn’t working for me’.
Finding Peaks: Episode 38 – Breaking Down Stages of Change

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