Episode 100

Episode 100: Revisiting Our Top Moments Pt. 1

Our team celebrates Finding Peak’s 100th episode! In celebration of this special episode, Brandon Burns brings on Chief Operations Officer Clinton Nicholson and Clinical Director Lauren Atencio to review and reflect on noteworthy moments over the past 100 episodes. From visiting trauma and touching on mental health approaches to the future of Peaks Recovery Centers and the industry, our team brings insightful and thoughtful commentary to continue pushing the industry in a positive direction.

Episode 97

Episode 97: Exploring Sober Living and Industry Evolution

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on two professionals in the industry; Bryce Givens, founder of Elevate Recovery Homes, and Kyle Vandongen, founder of Sopherson Sober Living. Together they share their “why”, purpose, passion, and mission in their recovery journey and what brought them to this point. Kyle shares personal experiences from his time at Peaks Recovery Centers and how they shape him today.

Episode 96

Episode 96: The Key to Leadership Success

In this episode, Brandon Burns brings Jason Friesema on the show to speak with Maeve O’Neill on Dare to Lead and how crucial proper leadership can be in a professional work setting. Maeve shares insight into leadership’s most important aspects and how to properly introduce them into the work environment, While Brandon and Jason explain how these tenants have been implemented within Peaks Recovery Centers.