Episode 90

Episode 90: Clinical Approach: Inner Child Work

In this episode, Jason Friesema, Chief Clinical Officer, brings on both of our Clinical Directors, Kate Nelson and Lauren Atencio, for a clinically heavy episode speaking on internal family systems and the use of inner child work. Utilizing the clinical firepower in this episode, our team dives into why this approach is effective in the treatment and reveals on the back end how this approach can shape growth and transformation.

Episode 89

Episode 89: Witnessing Hope Come Alive

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on Case Manager Tyler Kea and Residential Assistant Mariano Rangel to speak about integration into the community during the early stages of treatment and the residential overview of a stay with Peaks. Mariano and Tyler share their personal recovery stories that shine as a beacon of hope for all going into recovery. Through sharing personal testimonies and experiences at Peaks, our team discusses how powerful personal care is and expresses the beauty of watching hope come alive in treatment.

Episode 84: Addressing Veterans, Pain, Mental Health, and Recovery

In this episode, Brandon and Clinton speak with two special guests, authors Dr. Kerry and Dr. Dustin Brockberg. Their book, “End Your Covert Mission: A Veterans Guide to Fighting Pain and Addiction,” stands as an honest and authentic Manuel for veterans and sheds light on a meaningful discussion surrounding veteran-related issues. Dustin Brockberg shares his experiences as a veteran and the nuances that impacted his adjustment back to civilian life. At the same time, Kerry Brockberg speaks on the psychological aspects met while creating this book. This impactful conversation takes the viewers on a run-through of the most impactful moments in the pages and the most effective steps to transitioning back into civilian life and coping with pain and mental health. To find the Brockberg’s information or to purchase their book, check out their website at https://www.drsbrockberg.com/

Episode 83: Responding to a Loved One During a Relapse

In this episode, our team responds to a viewer’s feedback asking our team about “responding to a loved one during a relapse.” Jason brings his clinical mind to the discussion as Brandon addresses the left-brain reality of a fragile relapse situation. Chris brings to light his past experiences on how loving and supporting a loved one during a relapse can influence the efficacy of finding the track back to their recovery journey.

Episode 82: An Autonomous Recovery Story

On this episode, we have a special guest, Kevin Franciotti, LAC, a Denver-based ketamine psychotherapist and a licensed addiction and mental health counselor with over 15 years of experience in community health, harm reduction, and direct service work. He bravely tells his recovery story and explains the power behind integrating the intentional use of psychedelics within recovery alongside ongoing psychotherapy.

Episode 81 – Behind the Care: Crisis Case Management

On this episode, we have a special guest, Ryan Roy, the President of CCM, Crisis Case Management. CCM, Founded in 2000, is a highly recognized complex behavioral consultancy whose behavioral health specialists have helped families and institutions navigate out of crisis and into long-term wellness. He dives into the experience, compassion, and coordination of CCM’s team and how they empower their client’s unique needs and provide them with the direction and referrals they need.

Episode 80: Managing Recovery with Dr. Kevin McCauley

On this very intellectual and inspiring episode, we have a special guest, Dr. Kevin McCauley, a Senior Fellow at The Meadows. He shares how he became interested in the treatment behind substance use disorders while serving as a naval flight surgeon and how it led him to film and direct the two films, “Memo to Self” and “Pleasures Unwoven.” This conversation provides valuable insight into how addiction can be perceived and the interesting concepts, models, and determinants of such complex disorders individuals struggle with.

Episode 78: Forward Thinking Treatment Modalities

On this forward-thinking episode, we have multiple special guests, Dana Lerman, MD & Scott Bienenfeld, MD, co-owners and founders of Skylight Psychedelics, Social Worker & Journalist Joe Schrank, as well as Clinician Kevin Franciotti, LAC. We highlight the evidence-based yet controversial treatment modalities of ketamine, psychedelics, and plant-based medicines and the potential these new modern interventions hold. The current mental health and addiction treatment landscape is not moving the dial on these saddening epidemics. Though, with conversations like these and widening our scope of new medicalized frameworks, we can begin to truly help more individuals lead intentional lives and expand our nation’s well-being.

Episode 77: A Powerful Recovery Story

We have a special guest in this episode, Rob Decker, the President of Rise with Lions. He opens up about his unique recovery journey, which led him to start a safe, sober, and fun environment to raise awareness about mental health, addiction, and suicide. We discuss wanting to change the conversation about the shame and stigma placed on mental health and addiction.

Episode 76: Behind the Care: Bettering Behavioral Health Treatment

In this Behind the Care episode, we have a unique guest, Jonathan De Carlo, the CEO of C4 Consulting, who discusses specific challenges behavioral health companies face. We dive into how C4 dedicates its practice to growing and sustaining organizations that work in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment to provide quality care to the people providers serve.