Episode 121

Episode 121: Connecting the Mind and Body Through Movement with Tara Woodson

In this episode, Chris Burns brings Tara Woodson, our Activities Director, to the show to share her knowledge on connecting our minds to our bodies. Tara brings valuable information on how important movement and breath work can be, not only in a time of recovery and chaos but as a general tool for every day! From mindful breath work to client testimonies of feeling safe in their bodies, this episode is a must-listen for a holistic approach to life.

Episode 120

Episode 120: Taming Trauma One Step at a Time with the Journey Inward Team

In this episode, Chris Burns sits with Tripp, Dawnya, and Jory from Journey Inward to share an insightful conversation about the importance of family programming alongside a client, the value of a sacred union, and the true power of honest conversation. This episode is full of useful information, powerful testimonies, and honest, authentic conversation. To learn more about the Journey Inward team or what they are working on, check out thejourneyinward.us

Episode 119

Episode 119: Recovery to Reconstruction: With Reconstruction Unlimited and Dane Ensley

In this episode, Chris Burns sits with Dane Ensley and Brandon McArdle from Reconstruction Unlimited, a mental health coaching agency based in Beverly Hills, California. From discussing client care, family coaching, and the importance of curiosity and discipline, this episode flows with quality information and vulnerable shared life experiences. To learn more about Reconstruction Unlimited or Dane and Brandon, check out reconstructionunlimited.com.

Episode 118

Episode 118: Unlocking the Power to Thrive Through Biofeedback

In this episode, Chris Burns welcomes back Dr. Jenn Holcomb from Integrative Mind and Body Wellness LLC, as well as her husband and partner Dustin Holcomb, to delve further into the cutting-edge modalities of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. From deconstructing the physiological responses of the nervous system to speaking about regulating the heart rate and breath, this episode is full of insightful information and personal testimonies of efficacy. For more information on Integrative Mind and Body LLC, check out mindbodywellnessllc.com. For information on Positive Outcomes LLC, check out positiveoutcomesllc.com.

Episode 117

Episode 117: Organizational Health Through Outcomes Data with Maeve O’Neill

In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Maeve O’Neill from Circa Behavioral Health Solutions to talk all things outcomes data! From finding the organizational disconnection to pinpointing crucial leadership pillars, the conversations within this episode are astounding. For more information on Maeve, or Circa Behavioral Health Solutions, check out circabehavioral.com.

Episode 116

Episode 116: Organizational Compliance with Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance

In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance to share his valuable insight into all things organizational compliance and processes. Mike and his team at Hatch are industry leaders providing professionals with the tools to thrive as businesses through building processes, ensuring safety compliances through staff and leadership, and so much more! For more information on Mike or Hatch compliances, check out hatchcompliance.com.

Episode 115

Episode 115: Deconstructing Stress Medicine with Dr. Van Anrooy & Kayli Meyers

In this Episode, Chris Burns brings on two incredible professionals, Dr. Sarah Van Anrooy and Kaylie Meyers from the Center for Stress Medicine, to share their professional insights and forward-thinking approach to client care. From conversations on gene testing and epigenetic to the impact of COVID-19 on self-care and how to harness stress, this episode offers a plethora of valuable information. For more on Dr. Van Anrooy or Kaylie, check out www.centerforstressmed.com

Episode 113

Episode 113: Survive to Thrive: With Dr. Jennifer Holcomb

Chris Burns is back in the host seat this week with our fantastic guest, Dr. Jennifer Holcomb. Together, Chris and Jennifer bring attention to the connection between our heads and our hearts, shining light on the importance of intentional work on both. This episode brings to light many shared issues: associations, disconnections, breath work, and so much more. Please reach out with questions or comments, and for more information on Dr. Jenn, check out Integrative Mind and Body Wellness LLC at www.mindbodywellnessllc.com or email drjenn@mindbodywellnessllc.com