How to Help Someone Having an Anxiety Attack

Have you ever experienced a friend or loved one suffering from an anxiety attack? If you have seen this firsthand, you will know just how uncomfortable it can be for someone. Maybe you have been there before and do not know how to help, but you know that you want to change that in the future. Anxiety attacks can seem scary to those experiencing them for the first time, but they are generally safe. However, it can be good for you to know exactly what you can do to help. This is precisely what we’re going to explore in this post blog. Here are four ways you can support someone with anxiety attacks.

Don’t Pressure Them

First of all, you will want to ensure that you don’t pressure them at all. When a person is experiencing an anxiety attack, they will feel uneasy and unsettled. If they are stressed, the last thing they need is more stress which might encourage them to experience a panic attack. So it’s essential to be understanding and approach carefully.

Stay Calm

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is stay calm. When someone is having an anxiety attack, they need to stay calm. If you can be a calming influence on them, you may be able to ease their tense feelings and even distract their thoughts away from what’s triggering them.

Gently Tell Them What Might Be Happening

It may also help the situation is can slowly and calmly explain to them what is happening. If the person has a severe panic attack, you’ll want to reassure them that they are safe, that their body is healthy, and that they are not harmed. Oftentimes, a fight or flight response can kick in, and the person may feel as if they are in danger. 

It might also help if you explain that any physical symptoms they experience, such as a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, or chest pain, are typical signs of anxiety too.

Ask How You Can Help

Finally, you can also ask them how you can help. Sometimes, a person with anxiety will know what calms them. Oftentimes, however, they may not. Yet asking how you can be supportive in that moment is always a good idea.

Reach Out to us Today for Support

If you think you may have been experiencing anxiety attacks or you know someone that has, you can reach out to us today to get support. Contact us and we can talk you through the options we have available.

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