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Peaks’ family recovery program exists to bring restoration to families struggling with addiction. Substance use disorder impacts the entire family system, not just the individual. Many times family and friends are unsure how to support the addiction, while caring for themselves at the same time. Our goal at Peaks Recovery is to help the entire family understand the influence of addiction in their family and how to recover together. Everyone affected by addiction deserves to find stability and happiness in their life, and Peaks Recovery desires to help you get there.


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Depending on the length of programming, Peaks Recovery prefers for family therapy to take place at least once per month whether in person, by phone, or through a HIPPA compliant online platform. Peaks Recovery also offers a full family workshop available to any family participating in 90 days of treatment.

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Family members are also updated on patient progress in treatment on a weekly basis by their primary therapist. The goal of these weekly updates is to address treatment progress and support families in creating healthy boundaries, connecting family members with community resources, and more...

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Addiction isn’t simply about treating a single person. Our goal is to treat and educate the family system so that the family is equipped to handle recovery obstacles beyond treatment. Our team can help you find Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, and other family support groups in your area. We can also connect you with local therapists in your area.


Peaks Recovery Centers’ can help family members better understand:

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Family issues and patterns Codependency
  • How to develop methods for lasting recovery
  • Education surrounding the nature of addiction

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What will my loved one be doing?

It is pivotal for the family system to develop useful language for communicating boundaries; mainly, what are OK actions and what are not OK actions. Watching someone suffer in their addiction is a painful event. Our natural tendency is to move away from pain. A boundary simply expresses the distance for how close or how far you desire to keep your loved one to you when he or she is gripped in their addiction or when they are in recovery. Patients also learn to express what their needs are to achieve recovery.

Can I talk to my loved one?

Generally speaking, treatment programs limit the amount of time individuals can speak to their families within the first few weeks of treatment. The reason for this is due to factors such as codependency that disrupt healthy communication. Rest assured, at Peaks Recovery you will be hearing from you loved one’s primary therapist; including contact from other Peaks’ team members to give you weekly updates on your loved one’s progress.

At least once per month, we invite the family to do therapy sessions with their loved one. This can be in person, by phone, or by video chat, though we highly encourage you to be in person for these therapy sessions. We generally desire for you to visit on a Friday so that you can also spend some weekend time with your loved one by visiting local tourist destinations, going out to eat, etc.

Peaks Recovery also runs monthly family program intensives. If this is right for you and your family, we will schedule out your family program intensive during your loved one’s treatment episode. Family intensives start on a Wednesday and finish by end of day Friday. It’s a three day intensive that you will participate in alongside a small group of other families. The total size of family program ranges between 8-12 people to ensure each family receives the opportunity to participate.

Can I bring/send gifts to my loved one?

We always encourage you to express your love by sending or bringing gifts to programming for your loved one. We encourage you to ask your loved one’s therapist about the efficacy of gifts during the treatment episode, but there are nearly no limitations to what you can give. We also encourage you to communicate with your loved one’s primary therapist about writing letters, emails, etc., to ensure the messages are well received and not disruptive of recovery goals.

Nearby Hotels

For women’s programming we recommend staying at either the Colorado Springs Marriott by Rockrimmon, the Hotel Elegante off North Academy BLVD, or the Academy Hotel as these are the closest hotels to programming. For men’s programming, the most ideal locations are the Springs Hill Suites by Marriott, the Residence Inn by Marriott, Drury Inn by Marriott, or the Great Wolf Lodge.

If you are looking to make a mountain vacation out of your visit, we recommend Garden of the Gods Resort, Cheyenne Mountain Resort, or the famous Broadmoor Hotel.

Nearby Airports

The Colorado Springs airport is the most ideal airport to fly into. Summer time is the best time to fly into this airport due to having more direct flights from different parts of the country. Denver airport is most ideal for all flights, but please keep in mind that the I-25 highway is under construction for the next five years and to plan for traffic delays accordingly whether you are heading south to our center from the Denver airport or driving north away from our treatment programming to the Denver airport.

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