Family Support

Weekly Contact with Family Members

Addiction affects the entire family system and, for this reason, we welcome families into our extended care treatment setting. Families are invited on a monthly basis to participate in therapy with their loved one. Family members are also updated on their loved one’s progress in treatment on a weekly basis. Together, both the monthly therapy sessions and weekly updates create solid boundaries between family members and their loved ones while making the family unified again.

As the client engages with their treatment team, their family will engage directly with our Treatment Coordinator or their primary therapist who will maintain weekly contact. Throughout these discussions family members will be given the necessary tools to sustain their recovery. It is our philosophy that the family's involvement is crucial in every client's recovery. As the addict goes about their daily life doing whatever it takes to get his or her next fix, they invariably walk over the people who care about them most. Families often struggle to pick up the pieces left in the aftermath of addiction and we are here to help strengthen family boundaries. Our Treatment Coordinator is not only about helping recovering addicts, but also about making the family unit whole again.

Family sessions will also be set up throughout the duration of stay at Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks so that the recovering client and his or her family can come together in a safe, communicative environment. These guided sessions will open family discussions and allow each family member to address issues that have been pushed aside over the years. It is our goal to ensure that the family unit is heard and is able to experience growth alongside their loved ones throughout the duration of our program. Peaks Recovery are committed to the health and healing of the entire family.