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Life Skills

Employment during Treatment

Colorado is home to one of the fastest growing economies in the country. The economic growth between Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder provides tremendous opportunities for young adults to develop and establish financial independence. Between University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado in Denver, and the University of Colorado in Boulder, including the many thriving community based colleges throughout the state, Colorado also offers many tracks for an educational foundation that will later lead to long-term employment and financial stability.

For individuals who are gripped by drug and alcohol addiction and underlying co-occurring behavioral or mental health disorders the possibilities of pursuing work or education are significantly limited. Even if employment is obtained or entry into a university is solidified, attendance or employment will not last long.

In our experience at Peaks Recovery, and maybe this is also a shared experience by the person reading this, once individuals move beyond the detox phase of treatment it's almost as if the once dim light bulb under the influence of drugs and alcohol begins to flicker and shine just a bit brighter. This revelatory light starts to reveal new and exciting opportunities of growth for the individual. It’s the beginning process of discovery.

Yet, commonly, the process for achieving goals can quickly become daunting and this is why it’s crucial for young adults to consider drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Colorado prior to working or seeking education so that they may develop coping mechanisms that will better their defenses for what life will seemingly throw their way. That's why we have our clients participate in life skills activities for adults in recovery. The better they are prepared, the more they can achieve.

How Does Job Search Work?

At Peaks Recovery in Colorado every client starts with a routine clinical setting. Programming usually begins with multiple clinical group sessions per day with routine individual sessions with a primary therapist. This part of programming focuses on drug and alcohol abuse, yes, but more importantly at Peaks we seek to penetrate the underlying issues that prompt the substance use disorder.

Once root disorders are discovered we work with the men and women in our program to develop long-term coping mechanisms that will empower the individual toward working a job. As a standard practice once the individual steps down in her level of care to the intensive outpatient setting, she will have more time to explore work opportunities within the Colorado Springs area.

Peaks Recovery supports a completely organic process when clients are looking for a job. Clients are encouraged to pick an employment opportunity of their desire. Staff will work with the individual to help build a resume, fill out applications, and ensure that they can fully participate in the interviewing process. We strive to teach life skills to men and women in recovery in order to give them the confidence they need to stay clean.

All clients are encouraged to maintain employment alongside our clinical program to develop a financial foundation upon completion of the clinical timeline. Clients are encouraged to budget one hundred dollars out of each paycheck for food and toiletries as well as budgeting their monthly cell phone bill. The clinical team works with each individual to help them develop a healthy savings account that may allow them in the near future to put money down on a car, pay rent upon leaving their structured sober living environment, move to a new city, etc. By the end of programming most of our men and women are able to develop a decent amount of savings to help them along by the end of clinical services.

What about School?

Peaks Recovery supports individuals wishing to pursue school instead of employment. Sometimes it makes more sense for the person and her long-term goals. No matter what her future career may look like, we believe it is important to place an importance on teaching life skill early in recovery. Whether it’s finishing a GED, taking online classes, or even pursuing classes at University of Colorado Springs Colorado, we can help accommodate those goals.

Once the more clinically intensive portion of programming is finished as is the case with pursuing employment, we will help them find an educational setting local to Colorado Springs to support their desired path. Ideal times for both school and work are between 12PM and 6PM so that they can participate in intensive outpatient programming sessions.

We encourage all clients to maintain a schooling schedule conducive for their recovery in our life skills treatment center. Recovery from drugs and alcohol at Peaks is the primary goal and we encourage each of our clients to take things slow so that they do not get overwhelmed in the process.

The importance of work or school?

At Peaks Recovery drugs and alcohol rehabilitation in Colorado we see recovery as a journey, not a destination. Our goal is to create a stable foundation for lasting recovery that promotes accountability, financial independence, and long term success beyond school and work environments. Employment and education alone can present major challenges for an individual in early recovery whether it be dealing with defeating thoughts associated with employment or passing a tests, working on emotional regulation prompted stressful situations, or dealing with customers effectively or classroom deadlines; not to mention, the potential of pursuing education or working environments that include triggering events and people using drugs and alcohol.

Commonly, individuals have an idea or knowledge about how to pursue work or education. However, knowledge and action are two very different considerations that should be understood before launching into the busy world. Our goal is to appropriately recognize where the individual struggles with taking action and allow them to explore healthy coping mechanisms within a safe clinical setting. It is common for individuals to stay sober when enclosed behind four walls of a treatment program and, given relapse rates across the industry, it is uncommon that sobriety will be maintained after short-term programs.

At Peaks Recovery Center we are trying to reconnect each individual with themselves, their family, and society. Long-term treatment helps our staff identify underlying behavioral disorders, rediagnose underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental health disorders, and solidify coping mechanisms that are simply not traceable in short term drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in Colorado or elsewhere across the country.

Give us a call today to learn more about our process and how we can help empower the young adult in your life struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction in Colorado.