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Women's Rehab & Recovery Program

Women's Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Are you struggling with alcoholism and or drug abuse? Substance abuse treatment for women deals with unique, addiction-related needs of a woman. At Peaks Recovery, our rehab for women in Colorado is committed to your health and improved well-being free from substance abuse. Peaks Recovery Center is a sober-living, extended-care alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado serving women ages 18-30. Our recovery center is entirely gender-specific, with gender-separate housing and clinical services. Our structured rehab program developed exclusively for young women promotes long-term recovery in accountable, communal settings. In our recovery process, we help women feel safe as they work through the disease of addiction.

Evidence-Based Approaches

Depending on where each client is at in their level of addiction care, we offer intensive individual and group therapy treatment programs from 15 to 30 hours per week, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR Trauma Therapy
  • Vocational/ Art Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Process Groups

Environment Of Care

  • Structured Sober-living Environment
  • Nationally Accredited by the Joint Commission for Safety
  • Routine Environment
  • Clients Must Maintain Employment or Attend School
Admission Process

Gender-Specific Care Program Overview - A Sincere Solution

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Depending on the authorized level of care, the initial 30-Days at Peaks Recovery drug and alcohol rehab for women in Colorado begins with an extended, intensive clinical schedule.

  • Monday through Friday at our treatment facility, each client participates in morning and afternoon group therapy sessions, as well as individual sessions.
  • Depending on underlying mental-health, trauma, domestic violence and nutritional issues, clients may receive multiple individual session per week, including weekly psych evaluations with a focus on assessment and stabilization.
  • Peaks women’s recovery center helps connect clients to the Colorado Springs community by organizing physical fitness classes at Phoenix Multisport™, and Outdoor Recreation activities (This is Colorado after all!).
  • Each client participates in twice-daily fellowship meetings within the community.
  • Full gym memberships are offered, included in their sober living fees, to our clients at 24-Hour Fitness™, and they can expect 3-4 days of gym-time availability per week if they desire.

Intensive Outpatient / Outpatient Programming

Ideally, each client will be authorized up to 90 days of treatment between PHP, IOP, and OP levels of care allowing them the opportunity to participate in a safe, therapeutic environment that addresses each client's addiction and mental health. A robust clinical start helps the staff better understand the goals of each client and in making the appropriate recommendations for continued care. The remaining portion of Peaks women’s rehab center programs focuses on life-skills, especially the implementation of those skills.

  • Each client continues to participate in morning group therapy, Monday through Friday, including weekly individual sessions depending on the level of care authorized.
  • Dependent on individual progress, each client is required to obtain and hold a job 30-45 days into treatment.
  • After morning groups, we require every client to participate in resume building, filling out applications, and active job search.
  • Every client maintains employment during their time within our program. When they receive their first paycheck, they will start learning how to budget their weekly allowance for food and toiletries.
  • We also require that each client be responsible for their cell phone payment as a mechanism for establishing healthy boundaries between family members and encouraging responsibility.
  • All money earned from their job is placed in a Trust and given to them in full upon completion of the treatment center program as an agreement between our program and the client. This helps prevent relapse given the freedom of ambulatory care.
Structured Aftercare
Life Skills

There are two possible solutions after 90-Days of treatment at Triple Peaks Recovery Center.

Option 1: If clinically appropriate, clients and their families might agree that more time is needed within our structured sober-living setting. Based on financial arrangements at the beginning of treatment, clients may continue with daily group and individual therapy sessions while continuing to use the supportive structure, continued transportation, and grow their savings account. When adequately budgeted, individuals can save anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 within the term of our extensive programming, providing them a solid financial foundation upon leaving our program.

Option 2: The client can move into a Triple Peaks sober-living home at a reasonable cost of $250 for the first month, $300 for the second month, and $350 for remaining months so long as space is available. As a requirement, however, clients are required to participate in outpatient/ alumni community outpatient program. This option gives the client greater autonomy while maintaining a healthy recovery regimen.

Each client will hold a job to ensure a path of independence beyond our program. When they receive their first paycheck, they will begin budgeting their weekly allowance for food and toiletries. We also require that each client be responsible for their cell phone payment. All other money earned from their job is placed in a Trust Account and given to them in full upon completion of the program. Clients can expect to work between 24 and 35 hours a week between clinical sessions, fellowshipping, and other community-based activities.

If a school is a priority over working a job, families are welcome to set up online courses for college or participate at a local campus whether it be a community college or University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (UCCS). We can also assist clients in securing their H.S. diploma or GED if needed.

Serenity Peaks Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment for young adult men works closely with active, structured housing that fosters a culture of accountability and recovery. Each sober-home is staffed by two house managers, 24-Hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and each house meets or exceeds national criteria, established by the Joint Commission, for an environment of care and safety. All housing staff members are CPR/ AED certified, are offered Colorado Addiction Counselor training, and are also offered Peer Recovery Coach training to maximize their potential for helping supporting your loved one. Peaks Recovery also employs a full-time, on call therapist who is available to clients away from the counseling center 24/7. Our program has a single, professionally maintained 5,000 sq. ft. home with beautiful scenery, gym equipment, a movie theater, and spacious living to make sober-living more comfortable and enjoyable for our clients.

As part of the structured sober living environment fees, transportation is offered to all clients to accommodate their busy schedules.

To get started, visit our contact page and one of our treatment specialists will contact you. They will help you begin the admission process and will answer any question you might have.