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Men's Recovery Program - Life Skills

How does job search work?

Depending on each client's progress within the program, when he or she is ready to step-down from two group therapy sessions per day to only having one group therapy session per day, they must hold a job or be actively participating in school coursework.

After their morning groups, every client in the IOP setting has the opportunity to work Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM, including any time on Saturday. Peaks Recovery staff members help with life skills for adults in recovery including, resume building, filling out applications, and ensure that each client has a plan for getting to and from work.

Every client will hold a job during their time within our life skills rehab program, and we have never failed to see someone find a job. When they receive their first paycheck, they will start to budget their weekly allowance for food and toiletries. We also require that each client take on their cell phone payment after receiving their first paycheck as well.

All other money earned from their job is saved and monitored to promote accountability. When adequately budgeted, individuals can save-up anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 within the term of our program giving them a great start in the next part of their recovery journey.

Why is this important to our client’s recovery journey?

At Peaks Recovery the end treatment goal for all our clients is for them to be accountable, independent adults who can work and maintain a job, pay bills, and live a life of recovery. Working alone can present significant challenges for an individual in early recovery, e.g., dealing with the defeating thoughts often associated with job searches, working on emotional regulation under stressful situations, dealing with customers effectively, and potentially working around individuals who are themselves using drugs and alcohol.

Though they are free of drugs and alcohol, young adults still lack valuable coping mechanisms and life skills for how to deal with life stressors, including both the search for a job and the responsibility of holding a job.

The end goal for having the life skills in recovery component of our recovery program is to put each client in front of as many real-world challenges as possible. If there is a lack of coping mechanisms available to any individual within our program, both their peers and our staff are then given the opportunity to witness those struggles and help support those individuals as they walk through those challenging moments.

Finding a balance between the clinical setting and implementation of real-life skills for addicts, we believe, gives each young adult a necessary foundation for early recovery. A foundation which they can stand on firmly at the end of our six-month program. Life happens at Peaks Recovery, welcome to real recovery.