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Men's Recovery Program - Accountability

Peer Driven Accountability

The corner stone of any recovery journey, accountability is woven into every part of our programming at Peaks Recovery. Accountability is at the center of our philosophy for a sustainable, long-term recovery through our treatment programs. Everyone is involved in this facet of substance abuse rehabilitation; the individual, their family, their fellow clients, the community-at-large, and our staff.

Here at Peaks Recovery treatment centers we have witnessed the positive, long-term effects of leading an accountable life. While striving to provide hope and compassion for all our clients, we recognize the importance of teaching them to be accountable in their everyday lives. Learning to be responsible to others will improve not only their time here at the center, but will also help them to lead a full and successful recovery when they are ready to end their time with us.

In order to build an accountable lifestyle, learning and implementing honesty and integrity is crucial. These traits help each client to build trust between themselves and the staff, as well as between themselves and other clients. This trust fosters a powerful connection between a group of recovering addicts who strive to reach recovery as their common goal. This group dynamic is key in our approach to substance abuse rehabilitation.

Peaks Recovery recognizes that long-term sobriety comes not only from accountability and hope, but also from giving back to others as well. In this way, all of our clients become accountable to each other for their recovery. In this peer-driven environment our clients learn to care for and become responsible for each other's recovery. These character qualities and relationships benefit our clients long after they have completed their recovery treatment at Peaks Recovery.

12 Step Approach

At Peaks Recovery we believe client long-term success is strengthened by their participation in the 12 Step rehab program, especially outside the clinical setting. The 12 Step program is crucial because it builds the sort of character that enables our clients to remove the selfish behavior associated with substance use. In our professional experience, when clients immerse themselves in the 12 Step way-of-life, their chance of living a sober life greatly increases.

The 12 Step rehab program provides a place for fellowship during meetings. This community replaces client isolation with intimate friendships, giving them the best opportunity to communicate their struggles and successes with others. In his famous TED talk, Johann Hari says, "The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection." The 12-Steps play an integral part in this idea of connectedness.

Contrary to popular belief, drug use is often associated with isolation rather than partying or trying to fit in. Having a community of individuals to interact with and hold our clients accountable to their recovery is an invaluable tool within our program and why we support the 12 Step rehab program as a tool for recovery.

Over the course of our clients' stay with us, they work through all 12 steps of the program and begin the path toward a healthy, productive way of life. Within our program each client will actively engage with a sponsor from the fellowship community and be required to participate in bi-weekly coffee dates with other members of the fellowship. By absorbing a commitment to serve one another and adopting a home group they replace addictive behavior with valuable social skills such as service, accountability, and fellowship.

A home group is a 12 step meeting that clients make their own. It is a place that each client offers themselves for service commitments, leadership, and the playing of a more prominent role in their recovery process. The staff at Peaks Recovery believes in the power of support group settings and people working together to achieve common goals. The power that a recovering drug and alcohol addict provides while working with another recovering addict is unparalleled, spurring growth and seeding success in every stage of recovery.

Peaks Recovery 12 step rehab center emphasizes service because we believe that our clients have the best chance of keeping their sobriety by giving back to others what was given to them—a chance for a sober life. This approach to recovery ensures that our center's environment is warm and supporting for clients at all stages of the recovery process and it allows our clients to avoid isolating behaviors. Peaks Recovery employs a staff that actively lives the 12 step program, making them ideal mentors for our clients who are embarking on the same path.