Peaks Recovery Centers

Colorado Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

What We Treat

Substance Use Disorders

Peaks Recovery’s full continuum of care can treat many addictions, such as alcohol, opioids, heroin, cocaine, meth, Xanax, marijuana, prescription, and other substances that are abused and addictive.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring disorders are any combination of two or more substance use and mental health disorders. Treating CODs require a sophisticated approach to treat the whole person.

Mental Health Disorders

We treat individuals suffering from a primary mental health diagnosis (with no addictions) such as depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar, and others.

Where We Provide Our Care

Level of Care Locations

Peaks Recovery is fully licensed and has expert staff to handle a variety of medical, substance use, and mental health obstacles. Each of our programs, depending on the level of care, is provided in one of our newly built or renovated locations, providing space, comfort, and a sophisticated atmosphere to facilitate healing and growth.

residential rehab campus


of Peaks’ clients are either very satisfied or satisfied with our Treatment Programs

*Data statistics are based on the dates 01/01/2023 – 12/9/2023, and out of 1,040 surveys. Data collected by Vista Research Group

*All calls and forms are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant

Our Continuum Of Care

Levels of Care We Offer

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Peaks Recovery is medically staffed by a primary care physician, a psychiatrist, and round-the-clock nursing. The medical team’s acumen provides the safest medical detox in Colorado.the safest medical detox in Colorado.

Residential Services & Treatment

Peaks Recovery is licensed to provide the highest level of inpatient and residential programming in Colorado. In addition to satisfying state criteria, we have further received the highest recognition from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) for our 3.7 and 3.5 levels of care.

IOP Services & Treatment

Peaks Recovery provides accommodating support for individuals who may be experiencing some obstacles in their recovery journey or are looking for a step down from an inpatient program.

Our Model of Care

A BioPsychoSocial Model of Care within an Integrated Environment

Our team diligently thought about our Model of Care to provide the knowledge and proper understanding of our treatment program. We wanted to ensure transparency for those looking for treatment providers.

We explain it further on our Model of Care page.

Peaks Recovery Earns ASAM Certification

The ASAM Level of Care Certification Program™ is the first program of its kind to independently assess and verify treatment programs’ capacity to deliver services consistent with the level of care standards described in The ASAM Criteria.

The ASAM Level of Care Certification gives clients, loved ones, payors, and regulators the knowledge that our treatment program can administer evidence-based addiction treatment that is appropriately matched to a client’s needs.

  • 3.7 – 1 of 2 providers certified in Colorado
  • 3.5 – 1 of 3 providers certified in Colorado
  • 3.1 – The only provider certified in Colorado
asam certification

Our 5 Dimensions of Recovery

Alongside our Model of Care, we wanted our treatment philosophy to reflect our genuine care for the overall health of our clients. We believe proper and successful recovery is composed of these 5 dimensions.


Symptoms of medications in conjunction with cognitive, behavioral and talk therapies to reduce symptom severity


Hope, responsibility,
self-direction, empowerment


Everyday life components such as employment, housing, education


Improvements to physical health and well-being from physical fitness, mindfulness training, and improvement to diet and sleep


Personal connections with family, friends, and significant others

Our Addiction Treatment Phases

1. Engagement & Assessment
2. Stabilization
3. Active Treatment
4. Continued Care

One of the essential phases of our treatment is the stabilization phase. Individuals must establish Stabilization first, the foundation of recovery, to properly begin their long-term recovery journey.

model of care

Unique Components Of Our Program

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an integral feature of our inpatient program
We have a dedicated family therapy team focused on bettering our family curriculum and implementation
We incorporate clinically facilitated family groups, individual family sessions with the client’s primary therapist, as well as family peer recovery coach groups

Case Management

A clinical case manager is matched with each client once they enter our program
Each case manager gets to know each client to better prepare for the next step after our foundational program
We implement weekly meetings to allow the client and case manager to discuss interests and needs
putting it all together

Our Curriculum

Intentional & Directional

Our dedicated clinical team developed our very own treatment curriculum to ensure the most important topics, tools, practices, and approaches were integrated appropriately. This well-thought-out and organized curriculum consists of foundational pillars that will set individuals up for long-term recovery.

Some of the Core Topics Include:

Relationships & Communication
Navigating Mental Health
Identity & Purpose
Personal Health
Emotional Awareness
Grounding & Mindfulness
Distress Tolerance Skill Building

Finding Peaks Episodes

Peaks Recovery’s Talk Show & Podcast provides a unique resource for individuals and families suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. 
You can always watch or listen to any episode on our website, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts!

Diving Into Peaks Recovery’s Curriculum
Managing Recovery with Dr. Kevin McCauley
Parenting and Recovery

Admissions Process


Connect With Us

During this conversation, we listen and learn. Our admissions specialists walk you through why you are calling, who you are calling for, and if Peaks Recovery’s Program is the right fit.


Pre-Admissions & Intake

Depending on substance use, medical history, mental health (e.g. trauma, anxiety, depression), and other individual needs, Peaks will develop an individualized detox and inpatient rehab plan tailored specifically for your needs.


Recovery Begins

Upon arrival, the individual will be greeted by one of our medical staff members. We can also assist in coordinating travel to arrive safe and ready.