Episode 55

Modern Day Depression Causes & Remedies

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In this exciting episode, we are joined by acclaimed Dr. Ilardi, to discuss his knowledge on how modern-day depression is caused and remedies to help.

Talking Points

  1. Going over how modern brains are different from brains of the past
  2. The toxicity of rumination
  3. Remedies to help with modern depression


“Depression is following a pattern, that we see with other diseases, called diseases of civilization. Where these diseases are really really endemic and highly prevalent in the west and not very prevalent at all among aboriginal groups. … Our ancestors didn’t get depressed very often. Why? Because presumably, they had protective measures woven into their day-to-day lives.”
-Dr. Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D. Professor, Clinical Neuroscientist 

Episode Resources:

‘The Depression Cure’ by Stephen S. Ilardi, PhD

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