Episode 54

Exploring Depression: Therapy, Medication, and Lifestyle Changes

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In this exciting episode, we are joined by renowned Dr. Ilardi, to discuss his knowledge on treating Major Depressive Disorder with therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes.

Talking Points

  1. Going over different perspectives on how to treat depression
  2. Reviewing how meds for depression work in the brain 
  3. Explaining some simple lifestyle changes that can help immensely 
  4. Clarifying how the environment that contributed to the depression needs to be changed in a positive manner in order for any treatment to be successful


“I feel like, depression is so much more treacherous than we give it credit for being. It is so much harder to fix, it is fixable, completely fixable, but it is so much harder to get it right and keep somebody well. We do our patients a grave disservice by being very cavalier and saying things like, these meds are like magic. When really, the meds are helpful but they’re not all that for so many patients. But if we are willing to really take it seriously, like you all do at Peaks, that’s what I get really excited about.”
-Dr. Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D. Professor, Clinical Neuroscientist

Episode Resources:

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