Terms You Should Know – The First Call

Whether you are worried about your relationship with a substance or fear that a loved one may be suffering, the help of an experienced treatment center could be the key to sustained success. However, that first call signals an integral step that will shape the journey ahead.

Here at Peaks Recovery, Colorado, the first call to our experts will enable you to discover the answers you need before completing the admissions process. Some of the key features are detailed below:

Ethical Billing Practices

Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, especially when your (or a loved one’s) health and happiness are at risk. Nevertheless, it’s important that your family understands the financial implications of completing treatment. Crucially, you need to know that the pricing is both fair and transparent. 

While research has shown that some industry members are excessively priced and aggressive with their marketing, our services differ. We are 100% committed to providing fair pricing and ethical billing practices, working with clients and their families to find suitable repayment plans. We can additionally help you understand the situation regarding your health insurance coverage.

Clinical Curriculum

Addiction treatment is a complex subject, and the results should be tailored to reflect the client’s initial situation as well as their future progress. However, a clinical curriculum establishes guidance for specific and nonspecific factories within a treatment plan while also considering specialized programs. Ultimately, it empowers Peaks Recovery to provide the highest standards throughout every process stage.

Whether it’s a treatment for alcohol addiction or any other substance abuse disorder, speaking to us about the various aspects of the treatment plan will provide reassurance.

Onsite Psychiatrist Doctor 

Psychiatric support is essential in addiction recovery programs, not least because an onsite psychiatrist doctor can scratch deep below the surface. This is especially useful for the 9 million plus Americans who have coexisting mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. Mental health treatments help identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms for long-term success.

A psychiatrist’s support can also play a central role throughout the detoxification and withdrawal symptom management phases.

Family Program

Addiction doesn’t only impact the individual, it can take a toll on the family. In addition to personalized inpatient and outpatient programs, we can discuss the prospect of family programs at our treatment center. Whether several household members suffer from the same substance disorder or you want to proactively support your loved one, a range of therapies may be available.

Your first call to Peaks Recover will open your eyes to all possible avenues of treatment, thus allowing you to find the best solution for the family. And, most importantly, an effective solution for the client.

Over-The-Phone Screening

Every instance of substance abuse is unique. An over-the-phone screening enables our team of experts to gain a deeper understanding of the situation, including the client’s background and potential triggers as well as the severity of their issues. This aspect of the first call to our team ensures that the right level of care, from level 1.0 basic outpatient care to 3.7 inpatient services, can be selected.

The right treatment plan gives your loved one the very best chance of sustained success while it also translates to a shorter treatment plan and better value for money.

Integrative Treatment

Professional understandings of addiction recovery and mental health issues have evolved, and Peaks Recover is committed to using modern approaches. Integrative treatments, also known as mind-body therapy, drive inner resilience and personal balance through many tools. It can be beneficial for managing side effects and is shown to significantly reduce the risk of relapses. 

Integrative therapy can utilize a range of individual therapies, including CBT, DBT, and RPT. Its influence on sustained results is vast for individuals with a dual diagnosis.


Even from the first call, you need to know that the treatment center can deliver the best services. A licensed professional counselor (LPC) is an educated, accredited, and endorsed the type of therapist who can provide a range of related counseling services. Given that they are a central feature of most recovery treatment plans learning about our LPCs can be very useful.

Counseling is used to help clients take control of situations and understand their natural responses to alter their narratives. It will enhance their hopes of staying on the right path long after discharge.

Call Peaks Recovery For Support

If you are still committed to finding the best inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment center in Colorado, make the first call to Peaks Recovery today. From addiction recovery to mental health support, a brighter future starts now.

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