Episode 5

Clinical Care Dynamics

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Episode 5

We venture down some of the elements that clinical teams come across as they provide quality addiction treatment.


  • The delicate dance between intensity and relief.  
  • The variabilities of “Dual Diagnosis”
  • What success can look like outside of “the length of treatment”.

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I hope we can bring somewhat closer to families who are viewing this, the notion that the quality of care really matters. Under the hood of all the hyperbolic language that you will be reading when you go to addiction treatment websites, and hopefully we can bring you a little closer to what success might look like, and have some grace for yourselves as well in this process as well.
Brandon Burns, CEO
We have this expectation of addiction treatment, in general, being linear, and that there is an equation that you plug people into and then on the outside you get sobriety, and that’s just not how it works. There is relativity to what success looks like. And again, I think it’s based on how much better the client is living when they leave. Sometimes they make small increments, sometimes you see these huge strides, but regardless there’s usually movement, and as long as there’s movement you have the recipe for success.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, NCC – Chief Operations Officer

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