Episode 1

The Courageous Phone Call

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Episode 1

We explore a few topics we frequently discuss with families during those first initial phone calls to our addiction treatment center.


  • Families asking for a specific length of stay treatment (30,45,60, or 90-day treatment program).
  • Families forwardly expressing the mental health disorders their loved one has been diagnosed with.
  • Families or individuals stating their prior treatment location or program didn’t work.

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It’s becoming increasingly common knowledge that going somewhere for 28 days and then going back out to the same environment, doesn’t tend to work very well. However, allowing someone to start at a high level of care and working their way down to lower levels of care usually can provide a longer length of support and accountability for an individual.
Jason Friesema MA, LPC, LAC, – Clinical Specialist and Therapist
I believe the idea of substance abuse or addiction somehow being different than a mental health diagnosis is the first fallacy. We should explain to families that addiction is a mental health diagnosis; they are one and the same. To be able to say that we are going to start working on one and not the other is not accurate. The whole person is what we start with. We are going to meet the person where they are and that’s where we know where to go.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, NCC – Clinical Operations Specialist

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