Episode 2

Balancing Facility, Family, and Client Responsibilities

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Episode 2

We discuss a few of the responsibilities that the facility, family, and client can balance together in order to motivate change along the recovery journey.


  • Creating a safe environment for individuals to allow them to properly learn how to better regulate their triggers, discomforts, and life challanges.
  • Engaging with the family to hold boundaries when their loved one is experiencing these discomforts.
  • Prepping the client for the realistic process of recovery.

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Removal of a substance does not mean recovery, in fact, it’s merely a beginning of a much longer journey.
Jason Friesema MA, LPC, LAC, – Clinical Specialist and Therapist
First and foremost we’re there to provide safety, but the point of providing safety for clients is to allow them to experience discomfort in a way that is stable and secure enough for them to work through that and develop the skills needed to face life on life’s terms.
Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, NCC – Clinical Operations Specialist

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